Embryo Transfer for Camel

During the early 90’s, embryo transfer technology (ETT) for camels was launched at this Center. Since then, some 5000 calves have been born using ETT.

In natural breeding, the gestation period of the dromedary camel is twelve and a half months; hence, only one birth can be afforded in a period of 2 years. Accordingly, pregnancy also means one she-camel absentee from the races. Therefore, to overcome such difficulties, ETT was launched at this Center. Through this, the number of high quality breeds has multiplied tremendously over the last decade and ETT has now been recognized as the main method of breeding at VRC.

ETT has enabled us to get offspring from camels without imperiling them to long periods of pregnancy. Furthermore, several offspring can be obtained from the same camel, averaging to 25 calves per she-camel per breeding season. A famous she-camel in this regard is the one called “ Al Samha”, i.e. , “the beautiful”. At present, the Center receives camels for embryo transfer not only from the various parts of UAE but also across the GCC countries.