Camel Parentage Verification

The powerful tool of DNA testing now addresses questions relating to the true identity of camels.

The “DNA profile”, or “DNA fingerprint” of a camels is unique (except for identical twins).

Many breeding associations throughout the world are now relying on DNA profiles to ensure the accuracy of their registries.

DNA technology is the most accurate way to determine a camels true parentage. Each individual camel has two copies of DNA, one inherited from the dam and one from the sire. In the laboratory, we can distinguish these two DNA’s and determine whether a particular sire or dam is the true biological parent.

Advanced Genetic Centre uses multiple genetic markers to determine the true parentage of a camel. Markers use include some recommended by the International Society of Animal Genetics and some developed in-house to ensure the greatest level of accuracy.

Applications of DNA testing

Confirmation of parentage
Multiple sire mating
Permanent animal identification record
Bloodstock and breeding registries
Semen identity confirmation